Our Pastor's Monthly Letter

Each month, our pastor, Jon, writes a short article for the cover of our newsletter called, The Messenger. This archive is a collection of those articles.

spacerJuly 1, 2017

I would like to fill you in on the results of our survey and the decisions that have been made regarding our building. Some of the things we heard you say on your surveys were: ...

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spacerJune 1, 2017

We all know relationships matter. The question is how we can improve our relationships. Here at First Baptist, we continue to focus our effort and attention toward creating environments for people to relate to one another. We value relationships over programs ...

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spacerMay 1, 2017

The Word of the Lord is strong. His Word is trustworthy. You just have to trust and believe. God will provide. God will prevail. These are statements of faith that we say when others are in need of help. Sometimes we are in situations where we are waiting to see a way out...

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spacerApril 1, 2017

Essential Steps of Faith from the Reformationto Todayto the Future Generations This year is the 500th year of the Reformation of the protestant church led by godly men fighting for the people of God to embrace all we can experience as followers of Jesus Christ.

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spacerMarch 1, 2017

Faith Family, let me begin by telling you how much I missed being with you Sunday. The flu is not something I want to see ever again. I will sure pray harder now for those who have it! I want to thank David Thurman for standing in the gap for me while I was down. I have already heard ...

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spacerFebruary 1, 2017

The Lord is clear. Our Father values community. He establishes this by allowing us to be called children of God. He creates this community by clarifying we are co-heirs with Christ. God constantly builds a case for brothers and sisters in the Lord to invest in one another, worship with one another, and serve God with one another.

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spacerJanuary 1, 2017

A Fresh Start We are all looking for fresh starts when it comes to a new year. Whether we are looking for an overhaul in our life or simply tweaking one or two facets of our life, the process is still the same. Set a goal. Devise small, attainable milemarkers or goals based upon ...

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spacerDecember 1, 2016

When a car gets a flat tire, what are your options? 1.) You can switch the old tire out for your spare until you fix the flat. 2.) You can abandon the car on the side of the road and cut losses. 3.) You can simply drive on the rim with the flat tire. Most of us would say the logical answer is to switch to the spare and fix the tire.

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Blog ThumbnailspacerNovember 1, 2016

Change is happening all around us. We see change in our world.in our culturein our communityin our familiesin each of our lives. We change from a baby into child; child into adult. Change is a part ...

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