Brother Van
April 1, 2017

“Essential Steps of Faith from the Reformation…to Today…to the Future Generations”

This year is the 500th year of the Reformation of the protestant church led by godly men fighting for the people of God to embrace all we can experience as followers of Jesus Christ.

I want to take this time to talk about “Sola Scriptura” or “Scripture Alone.” It is Scripture Alone that is essential to our faith and hearing of the Truth. The emphasis during the Reformation was to separate the papacy, or catholic leadership to change course from what God says is truth. There is truth. Every generation has to fight for truth to be from God and His declaration…not man. This brings me to one reason why Scripture memory is essential to the life of our Faith Family.

Reasons to memorize Scripture:

Jesus memorized Scripture.

Okay, so He wrote it. I get it. However, Jesus quoted Scripture all the time. Clearly the Word of God (the Old Testament) was and is central to His very thinking. Just as we talk about our old stories and can recall facts, we too should recall old verses we memorized from years before that is a part of the very language we speak. No, we don’t have to quote the reference in the middle of the sentence as we talk to our friend. We don’t even have to say, “you know as the Bible says,…” What if the Bible poured out of our mouth just as a normal conversation.

To memorize is to meditate.

In order to memorize anything, you have to meditate on it. What does it mean to meditate? Meditate means “to think deeply” or “to consider”. We meditate upon the Scriptures we are memorizing by saying a portion of the verse over and over…praying that portion of verse back to the Father…reflecting upon the reality of what that verse is saying to me through God. Answer these basic questions:

What does this verse teach me about God?...about His nature? His promise?

What does this verse teach me about myself?...about my response? My identity?

How am I going to live out what I know to be true today?

Helpful tips:

➢ Set Scripture to songs.

➢ Break the Scripture up into small phrases.

➢ Draw images to tell a story.

➢ State the verse in your own words to help understand the verse.

➢ Make a flow chart of the verse.

➢ Write the verse on scrap paper throughout your day.

➢ Keep the verse up on a mirror for the week. Read it out loud.

We must fight to make God’s Word a part of our very language! Join us each week as we seek God’s clear direction for our life as we worship Him. Join us each week as we search the Bible during our Sunday School hour. Join us as we:

Love God. Love Others. Help Others Love God.







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