Brother Van
December 1, 2016

When a car gets a flat tire, what are your options? 1.) You can switch the old tire out for your spare until you fix the flat. 2.) You can abandon the car on the side of the road and cut losses. 3.) You can simply drive on the rim with the flat tire. Most of us would say the logical answer is to switch to the spare and fix the tire.

You see, there are families who are driving around with flat family relationships. Many families drive around refusing to fix the problem unaware of the damage it is inflicting. This is, perhaps, the most painful problem in our families and the solution can bring a more fruitful ride to our daily experience with Jesus Christ. Here is some very basic maintenance we can do to make our ride smoother as a family:

Prayer – Ask your family what is their greatest burden. Pray with them concerning their burden. Use the model prayer to pray through the matter that is weighing down the family member. Pray regularly at a set time, say before school to have a great day in the Lord as you look for opportunities to show Jesus’ love to other. Pray after dinner for one another. Ask what the prayer need of the day is for each family member. Pray often. Imagine what you would gain by these moments.

The Bible – Daily incorporation of the Bible, even in small increments, will speak volumes into your family. Give a gift this Christmas of a simple devotional book the family can participate in together. Create a rhythm of steady reading with the family. The Bible can change lives one verse at time. Singing – King David himself sought to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord.” Psalm 66:1. So, whether or not you’ve got the pitch thing down, do not hinder your voice from being lifted to Him. Use a CD, playlist, or YouTube video to help sing songs to the Lord as a family in a regular or spontaneous moment in the car as you go about your day.

Scripture memory – I know it sounds like work, but any family that can lend support to memorizing a verse for the week or a small section over a month will undoubtedly grow in Christ. Place the verse on the refrigerator or bathroom mirror…exposure leads to memory. “Fix these words of mine in your hearts and minds.”-Deuteronomy 11:18

It is not too late to start memorizing our key verses as a Faith Family.

1) Matthew 22:37-38 (Love God Totally)

2) Matthew 22:39 (Love Others no matter what)

3) Matthew 28:18-20 (Help others to love God totally)

4) Matthew 1:1 (The Scriptures all point to Jesus and His Rescue Mission)

God provides many ways to help fix our flats. These avenues lead us, and our families, toward the desired goal of honoring God and learning His word together.

Help fill up spiritual tires one flat at a time!







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