Brother Jon
July 1, 2017

Dear Faith Family,

I would like to fill you in on the results of our survey and the decisions that have been made regarding our building. Some of the things we heard you say on your surveys were:

  • Prefer a visible downtown presence - Did not like Hwy
  • 50 & 64 location - Too much land - Flood plain
  • Already invested in our last addition
  • Cost excessive or concerned about debt
  • Unnecessary extras - ball field, walking track
  • Pastor needs more time to establish himself
  • Prefer renovating current facility
  • Concern for job loss in area
  • Lack of parking
  • No room for further growth
  • Not having all kids/youth under one roof
  • Safety issues: crossing the street, electrical problems,
  • Cost to renovate old facility
  • Rebuilding in current location will not solve all the problems

Some of your suggestions were:

  • Wait. Wait on God. Wait for pastor to be acclimated
  • Get current building up to code
  • Change percentage needed from 80% to majority
  • Make it a requirement for voters to be over 18
  • Give more detailed information
  • Get bids from other contractors
  • Allow shut-in to vote and allow for absentee voting
  • Start giving campaign
  • Relocate church offices to another site and use current office space for children
  • Hire associate pastor. Offer service on Saturday night or Sunday night. Consider satellite locations.
  • Pray. Pray for unity in the body. Pray for clear direction from God.

So, after reading your responses and spending much time in prayer, the leadership of our church thought it best to wait. We are not voting to purchase any property or rebuilding our sanctuary at this time. We are waiting on the Lord. And as we wait, we will make the following steps to improve our current facilities and ministries.


Update critical issues with electrical system


Paint areas that are peeling, addressing mold

Parking/Street Safety

  • Additional people needed in both parking lots
  • Fill the Hub & the Library parking spaces
  • Permanently install 5 more “Guest Parking” spots
  • Install Blue-tooth camera to help us better understand our parking needs
  • Use cross-walk instead of crossing in middle of street

Facilities usage plan in general

  • Contact has been made with at least one space utilization expert from Tennessee Baptist Mission
  • Board to look at our current facility usage plans
  • Look at ways to relocate office suite to address our most pressing needs concerning space
  • Pastor’s goal to finish sermons by 9:00 a.m. & 10:25 to help with parking lot transition
  • Improve technology and lighting updates within Fellowship Hall

Adult Sunday School Space

Look for creative ways and locations around our facility for new adult classes

Welcome Ministry

  • Interior signage placed throughout building
  • Staffed kiosks will be built/purchased and located around our facilities to help guest and members be informed about our ministries and how to get connected

Children’s Ministry & Facilities

  • Two adult leaders needed to start a new class
  • Six adult helpers/assistants needed for current classes
  • Look at how we can best utilize the space we have to meet the needs with new classes, as well as to help the flow of Children’s Ministry activities

Youth Ministry & Facilities

  • Four more leaders needed to help in 2 new classes
  • Improve lighting in large-group room in order to use the space for another Sunday School room
  • Finish the 2 bathrooms currently under construction
  • Patch sheetrock issues
  • Consider the cost of framing garage bays for usable small-group space

You will notice there are items that will cost financially, items that will cost our convenience, and items that will call for more church members to serve in many and various ways. The staff will work with the trustees and stewardship committee to help plan for cost and management of the above projects.

As we move forward, our main goal must be to focus on how we can do our best to Love God, Love Others, and Help Others Love God. We are celebrating the 44 new members we have had this year; and what makes it even better is 22 of those have been baptisms. PRAISE GOD!

Thank you, faith family, for praying, fasting,






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