Brother Jon
September 1, 2017

“What do I have to offer?”

Dear Faith Family,

Grace and peace to you from God the Father and Lord Jesus Christ this September! I love the greeting Paul chose to begin each of his letters to other Christians. This greeting is really quite powerful! Why do I like this greeting, you ask? Paul was able to set the stage for the whole letter by saying our common ground is God’s grace and His peace. Paul wanted to ensure all hearers of this letter were on the same page…it is about promoting the Father’s magnificent grace and peace to those of the faith, as well as the lost world around us.

Grace and Peace. Two profound and powerful words that carry so much meaning and truth. Grace sets us free by the gift of life in Jesus Christ. Peace comes to those that rest in, as the greeting states, “God our Father and Lord Jesus Christ.”

This greeting was not simply a template like “Dear ___________” he learned in the course, “How to write a professional epistle.” Paul’s greeting was clear on what he wanted to offer others as they heard the letter.

First, Paul knew personally of God’s grace and peace (read 1 Tim. 1:12-17). Second, Paul wanted other Christians to remember of God’s grace and peace. The problems of the world often make us lose our focus on God’s grace and peace.

A few questions come to mind:

  • “Do you have God’s grace and peace as book-ends to your faith?” (if you have this grace…)
  • “Do you need this reminder? (if you needed this reminder…)
  • “Who do we need to encourage toward God’s grace and His peace?”

Paul’s heartbeat is exposed in this greeting. He genuinely wanted to help others love God. Paul knew he constantly needed to remind Christians of God’s grace and peace.

The question comes up of “what do I have to offer others?” Just think if we all tried to promote God’s grace and His peace to those around us. This community would be so uplifted and encouraged. You might not think you have a lot to offer others, but offering these two words of encouragement to others can change the community, county, and culture around us.

It is my prayer we all know of God’s grace and peace, as well as promote God’s grace and peace to everyone we come into contact with in our day.







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