Brother Jon
October 1, 2017

We are all in transition. The fall is moving in by way of calendar, by weather, and by activities to name just a few ways we can see the season in transition. Each of us transition as individuals from moment to moment, day by day, throughout all our life. God’s hope for each of us is that as we are in a constant state of transition to become better image-bearers of His Son, our Savior. I cannot think of a better transition to take place. We are in this process of growing in our trust of His way being the best and only way for our life. We are in a transition of practicing disciplines that strengthen our trust in God; from reading His word to believing and acting upon His word. Jesus told us how to live and even gave us a perfect model of how to live. We are in transition to live as the King of Kings for the King of King’s glory.

This transition is seen in the world, in the person, and I suggest in the body of believers at First Baptist as well. We are transitioning our regularly scheduled events to include two viable and valuable opportunities during the month of October with one goal in mind. Our strategy: to stretch our hands out in practical ways when we see a need. We sees needs and respond:

  • Gift baskets for those displaced from Florida’s storms
  • Ramps built for those that are physically challenged
  • VIP special needs ministry to minister to all of mankind
  • Texas Mission Trip (Oct. 8-12)
  • Partnership with our local schools

These are where we were flexible to the needs that arise within a given year. However, we also prepare for those opportunities we know come each year to make a difference. Enter stage left - “Fear Not Fest”. Our goal is simple for this event:

  • Unify as a church to pray for the lost in our community
  • Unify as a church as we work together to serve our community
  • Unify the hearts of the community that First Baptist is here for their family
  • Parents look for a safe place that is fun and friendly. FBC is just that sort of place!

We are excited to continue in our wonderful outreach with our Fall Festival for the community we call “Fear Not Fest”! This has been one of the best ways we have connected with the community over the past decade. We see more un-churched and lost souls enter our facilities than any other time throughout the year. We have even had some of those families and individuals choose to worship God through connecting with First Baptist at this family-friendly and safe experience. As they enter our facility, they find their family connecting with the body of Christ-His children. We improve this event each year as we connect with the community as we offer the Gospel to each man, woman, boy, and girl! We have placed the Gospel within each bag of every child. We will be praying over each family. Please seek out more details within this newsletter, as well as sign up for the way you can make a difference. Trust me, every person can make a difference if we make ourselves available and willing to serve His Kingdom.

We need your prayer and your participation as we strive to strengthen our community as we stretch our hands to win lost souls! Every one of our people has an opportunity to make October be a turning point, or transition, to God’s Holy and Perfect Way. Will you join us as we provide and we pray for God and His Will to be done. There are a thousand wonderful things we could do. These few focused options are ways First will surely make a difference in the lives of those around us. As Galatians 6:9 reminds us, “And let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.”






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