Brother Jon
November 1, 2017

The Lord is good and faithful to take care of His children. Do you trust God on this? If so, I have another question for you… Why do 9 out of 10 churches find their church in decline with 900 churches closing their doors each year? The answer to this question has many responses. I, however would like to take the time to speak on giving. Yes, giving….(I hear crickets chirping) Why giving, you ask? Our giving is an expression of thanks to God for all He has done. God takes care of us. He provides not only life through Salvation, but HE looks after your every need...not want…but your need in life.

Matthew’s gospel points out that Jesus instructed those around Him to look to the birds of the sky and flowers of the field...they knew not worry, but knew God would provide. Matthew also points out that Jesus said giving is expected. Matthew 6:2 says, “when you give”...not “if you give.” Matthew 6:3-4 dictates Jesus’ teachings, saying “when you give...your father in heaven sees what is done and will reward you.” God sees your gift. He rewards you accordingly. Our giving is not just to meet some budget, but to show God our thankfulness.

Concerning the budget, we look to Judas. Yes, I said Judas. We look at Judas to prove the disciples had plans and provisions. Judas was a treasurer. He kept up with the money bags. The disciples could not decide if they would buy a small fortress to shelter the homeless if the money was not present. They had to operate within their means.

The church has the same restrictions. We are only able to impact the communities of the world around us as much as our communal-giving to the Lord will support. How do we assess a future budget? We listen to God for His direction of ministry needs. We assign numbers to those needs in order to complete these goals. We pray God will provide.

1 Corinthians 16:2 says, “on the first day of every week each one of you put aside and save.” This was a gift by the church, to the church, for the church (Paul was to take a substantial gift from Corinth to Jerusalem). We all...each one of us...must give regularly...for the further work of God’s church to thrive.

We have a great opportunity to do greater work than imagined if we all support His kingdom work, knowing God sees it. He is a proud father of sons and daughters that mimic Jesus’ life. We strive to sacrificially give more and more to the Lord with the end goal of giving ourselves totally as Jesus gave himself for you and I.

Is the tithe still alive? It never died. As we ask this question, we find our true heart on the matter evident, which is to find the bare minimum to give to the Lord. Is this how we were meant to respond to eternal life? You know the answer to this question. As Jesus taught the disciples to pray: “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on earth as it is in Heaven.” We are His disciples today. We are meant to strive and sacrifice every way possible to bring about His kingdom on earth...leading others to live and love the Lord with all of their hearts. With God’s help and direction, we will expand His kingdom here and in Heaven for all of eternity. Let us give to eternal things!






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